I have been writing and performing poetry and music since the 1980’s both in Disability Arts and mainstream settings, mostly as a guitar playing singer songwriter using the stage name of Angryfish. From 1988 until 1992 I was the guitarist with Dan Dares Dog.  I have also written a number of short plays notably “Truth Heals” written for a youth theatre group, which won a commendation in the Birmingham Theatre Arts Festival and the lead actress won best performance of the festival.  I am currently booking performances of my one-man show called “All The Things We Could Have Been” which premiered in November 2010.  In addition to my performance work I run creative writing for empowerment and recording workshops and have an HNC in professional music practice, supporting the operation of my own small studio and portable recording equipment.


I have been an activist for many years, I am a family man with a wife and two children, and prior to my arts career I was a full time athlete competing as a swimmer for Great Britain in three Paralympic Games.

Robin Surgeoner MBE BA



Gold Medallist Paralympian

Hi there my name is Robin Surgeoner: AKA Angryfish.  I am a Writer, Performer, Workshop Leader, Qualified Trainer and Disabled Artist.

I have been performing as a live musician since the 1980’s and have been developing, writing and performing my own material including; song, spoken-word and theatre throughout my performance career.


Since 2001 I have utilized my creative and performance skills to devise and deliver bespoke training programmes ranging from Equality and Diversity through to Empowerment Through Song under the banner of 'Permission To Speak' and more lately 'Permission to Perform'


All of the work I engage with is underpinned with a foundational belief in Human Rights and everybody’s right to an equitable existence.

My personal history informing my work both as a performer and a trainer includes:

  • An employment biography firmly based in The Disability Rights Movement, moving through into Disability Art, Diversity and Empowerment
  • An academic record including a Degree in Philosophy, and professional qualification on both Music Practice and Training Adults
  • A sporting career spanning 40 years to date including swimming at 3 Paralympic Games, gaining huge worldly education in traveling the world, and currently still competing at a National standard plus coaching junior competitive swimmers  
  • A music career including touring the country, having music used by the BBC, recording and producing other artists and running an indie record label. 
  • I have specialized in developing and running Empowerment through Creative Writing & Song, and  in using my mobile digital recording studio to produce compilation works for course participants.

All courses and training are bespoke and therefore can be tailored to differing audiences and age ranges.

If you are interested in what I do please do not hesitate to contact me